Sara Vanderbeek


Founding member of ICOSA, a 20-member artist-run non-profit cooperative gallery in Austin, Texas founded in 2015. The space showcases a diverse range of contemporary art and programming. She served as Co-Treasurer, then President from 2015-2017. Personal responsibilities involved developing a gallery infrastructure which included: creating a comprehensive style guide; managing printed materials; co-authoring by-laws; developing a comprehensive Google Drive project management system and archive; developing a digital Standard Operation Procedure manual; establishing committees to delegate workload and flow; community advocacy.

ICOSA is a diverse group of artists who have come together to pursue cooperative exhibition opportunities in a collective gallery setting. We are: Adrian Aguilera, David Bae, Jonas Criscoe, Kate Csillagi, Erin Cunnigham, Bug Davidson, Andrea DeLeon, Micah Evans, Brooke Gassiot, Terra Goolsby, Katy Horan, Betelhem Makonnen, Amanda McInerney, Teruko Nimura, Anna Pedersen, Matt Rebholtz, Elaine I-Ling Shen, Sara Vanderbeek, Alyssa Taylor Wendt and Jenn Wilson.