Sara Vanderbeek

Other Portraits

Portraits of the Artists

Portraits of the Artists is a collection of paintings and drawings showcasing artists in their studios. The process begins with a studio visit and photo shoot. From there a composite, using many photographs, is created in Photoshop to use as reference for the final painting or drawing.

McNay Art Museum: Artists Looking at Art

This series of portraits focused on members of the McNay community: patrons, members, employees. Many of these portraits are of art collectors in front of paintings in their collections.

Everyone I've Ever Known

Everyone I've Ever Known is a collection of portraits started in 2001 as an undergraduate at Rhode Island School of Design. The obviously unrealistic goal of this series is to portray everyone I have ever encountered. This was the first conceptual body of work based on fantasy, with a hint of Utopia/Dystopia, that has informs her most current work.